Last time we checked, most gyms are still closed across the United States, even with the current COVID-19 restrictions getting a little less severe for many businesses.

With June coming at breakneck speed, it’s important to double-down on your efforts from home in order to achieve that summer body you’ve been looking for.

Invest in yourself during this time. If you have the extra funds, purchase some kettlebells in order to get a fantastic at-home workout for your legs, core, and more.

If you’ve been eating comfort food, now is the time to incorporate a stricter diet, one that incorporates clean, whole foods that help reduce (and in some cases even fight) inflammation.

Wake up early to get in your cardio, that way you can still limit your exposure during this pandemic, which isn’t over yet and is still a deadly threat to many people out there.

As you stay active during this time, we’re still here to provide essential treatments in a safe and comfortable atmosphere where the focus is always put on you. We treat the whole patient at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how chiropractic adjustments can get the best out of you!

As reality is setting in and what most of us were dreading (that we’d be in quarantine as summer commences) is looking at us right in the face, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center thought it would be a good idea to go over some ways that you can still make this Memorial Day fun and memorable, despite being in quarantine.

First, plan a good meal. Brave the grocery store and get some yummy ingredients that will help you throw together something special this Memorial Day. Often, the food is what is memorable of holidays.

Second, it’s okay to get outside. If you plan to be amongst other people, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. If you plan on going for a solo run or hike and don’t plan on coming into contact with others, you’re probably all right not wearing a mask.

Pay someone else a visit. You can stand on a neighbors lawn and have a conversation with them; check in on those you care about to make sure their Memorial Day is memorable as well. As they say, “We’re all in this together.”

After Memorial Day, it’s a good idea to get back to chiropractic treatment, if you’ve been setting aside your own needs in order to serve the greater good. We provide a clean and safe environment where the focus is always put squarely on you, the patient. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for one our essential treatments.

It’s understandable that the measures we took initially to protect ourselves from Coronavirus might be a little different from what we’re doing now — now that we’re two months into this pandemic business.

Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over a few ways that you can fortify yourself and stay in good health during these odd and tragic times.

First, protect your immune system! Try to eat oranges, red bell peppers, drink a little elderberry juice. Take some immune booster shots (many are made with cayenne pepper or black pepper, elderberry, and other ingredients that give your immune system an added boost).

You can also limit the amount of sugar you consume — which medical professionals are linking to cases where COVID-19 is having particularly damaging effects. Inflammation puts your body at risk and damages your body’s ability to fight off infection.

Exercise and get outdoors as much as you can. Vitamin D deficiencies are running rampant and a lack of Vitamin D has been shown to set people up for tragic consequences when battling this crazy virus.

Stay away from public spaces as much as you can, but maybe now it’s time to meet with people under safe circumstances. Isolation has negative effects on your health. It’s perfectly acceptable to meet up with another healthy person if you’ve not been impacted by COVID-19.

Remember that we are all walking bacteria farms and that our immune systems work best when we are trading germs and exchanging biological information that will help us ward off disease. If we become too isolated and sterilized, our bodies won’t be able to hack it out there in the real world, once the real world gets back to up and running again. We hope it does soon here at Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center. We’re here to provide our essential treatments during this time. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

As quarantine restrictions begin to lift in even the most strict counties across the country, it’s important to incorporate yourself back into society little by little, as a way to let your immune system build. That way your weakened immune system doesn’t come into contact with potential viruses and your body can start building healthy defenses against infection.

Eat well and exercise. Get a run, walk, or a hike in during the early hours of the morning in order to limit your exposure.

Now that we’re getting back “out there,” it’s probably okay to meet with another person who is low risk and not one of those people who are more susceptible to COVID-19.

When we get around others, we trade beneficial bacteria that help us build a healthy biome. It’s very important! Remember that we’ve all pretty much deprived ourselves of this essential part of being human in order to assist in the greater good. Now is the time to take our health back while we acclimate ourselves to something closer to our previous operations.

If you’re sick, stay at home. If you have to go out when you’re sick, wear a mask.

If you’re well, wash your hands. Be conscious of those around you. If you travel to a foreign land, give yourself a couple of weeks to stay at home, that way if you’re carrying any viruses you don’t spread it to others.

Just a few suggestions here. Stay healthy out there. Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center today to learn more about how our treatments can help boost your immune system.

It’s important to start looking a little closer and what we eat and why we eat. It’s too much of a habit here in the United States to simply eat what tastes good. Basically, most of us just eat for mouth pleasure — a lot of our favorite staples have little nutritional value. Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center would like to go over a few ways to fine-tune your diet to get better results for you health-wise.
Eat More Greens

Try to make veggies a part of every meal — you’ll feel better on a daily basis as a result. Eating clean, whole foods is far easier on your digestive system than processed foods, which will free your body up to spend energy in more valuable ways.
Be Portion-Conscious

Start eating smaller portions and try to eat one or two additional times per day (meaning, about 4-5 smaller meals per day). Have your last meal of the day be your smallest and make sure to eat two hours or so before you go to bed, that way your body can digest and be ready for sleep in time for bed.
Go Simpler

As stated above, eat clean, whole foods. Opt for less seasoning and try to experiment with veggies and healthier carbs (like yams and sweet potatoes). Once you start eating better foods, your body will start craving them, which will make it easier as you go.

Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center to learn more about how we’re providing essential treatment and helping the medical community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a long track record of keeping families healthy and well, and we’re taking every measure possible and more to keep our community safe during this time.

As millions of Americans continue to shelter in place amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been the status quo for over a month now, many folks are getting slightly more relaxed about restricting themselves from outdoor experiences. That’s okay, as long as we’re not coming into contact with each other. Instead of getting your workout in whenever you feel like it, not to mention spending long periods of time doing your workout (which prevents others from enjoying the same experience), it’s a better idea to work out outdoors more consciously.

Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over a few ways to get your workout in without going back on your civic duties.

First, if you’re going to run, do it alone or with someone in your household, and make sure that you go during low-traffic times, like sunrise, or even during the evening time. Try to run on trails instead of on the sidewalk, so you don’t expose any pedestrians to your germs.

Instead of gunning for that 6-10 mile mark, run 3-5 miles — don’t take more than you need during this time. This will also limit your own exposure as well.

If you have a yard, front or back, utilize that in your workout efforts. Do some kettlebell workouts or bodyweight workouts while soaking up some sun.

Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center to learn more about how we’re helping our patients and community during this time. Stay safe and stay well!

When it comes to sleep, many of us write it off in lieu of being productive, or maybe burning some of that midnight oil.

Sure, this is behavior that probably won’t bite you initially, but, over time, you’re doing yourself a big time disservice if you’re getting anything less than 7-9 hours of sleep on a consistent basis.

Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over some of the regenerative benefits of good sleep.

Brain Power Boost

Sleeping deeply and soundly charges up the brain and helps it detoxify itself and rid itself of plaque that, over time and as it builds up, has been shown to contribute to harsh conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Muscle Repair

When you get that deep sleep you need, your body oxygenates and increases its blood flow, especially muscles and joints that are recovering or in need of repair.

Better Mood

When you get a good night of rest, you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to start a new day. 7-9 hours of sleep each night will have you in a better mood and experiencing less stress and anxiety.

Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center to learn more about how our treatments can help you get a better night of sleep on a nightly basis.

Sometimes you can’t always make it to your local chiropractor for an adjustment, which we’re finding out firsthand during these times.

However, there are a few things you can do at home that will make you more comfortable and will help you manage a variety of pains that can occur in the back, neck, and legs.

Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center provides drug-free treatments that help deal with a variety of conditions, like lower back pain, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

When you’re at home during this time, make sure that you start each day with a good stretch. You can turn to YouTube for a variety of resources and Yoga tutorials that will help you manage any tension and certain minimal types of pain in your back and neck.

Over the course of the day, try to incorporate exercises that engage your core and make sure that you’re eating healthy — good, clean, whole foods (and plenty of veggies). Eating carb-heavy foods and foods packed with processed sugar will increase your inflammation, which will aggravate pain in the body.

Maintaining good posture is a good way to strengthen your back and to minimize wear and tear experienced throughout the day as well.

Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center to learn more about how our treatments can help you deal with neck and back pain today.

If you’ve been avoiding the news, you’re not alone. Many folks out there are tired of the constant barrage of media input and silencing their devices in favor of getting the most out of this time. However, it’s still crucial to stay informed about any COVID-19 and social distancing updates, which are happening pretty much every day.

As week 3 gets underway of this new way of life, we’re being told by health professionals and experts to take this very seriously, and the CDC projected that 100,000 people in the United States could potentially die from this serious disease.

Shelter in place regulations are now said to be in effect through the month of April, much longer than the 2-week initial window we were given, which many people already identified as wishful thinking from the start.

So, we’re all settling into this stay-at-home transition.

Stay busy by exercising, getting work done around the house, or possibly building a new remote side business — there are many opportunities out there right now.

Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center is here to provide essential treatments to our patients who still need them. We’re taking every measure to keep our facility clean and safe for our patients as well as do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today to learn more.

As we finish up week 2 of self-quarantine, millions of Americans are looking for ways to get their workouts in at home. Below, Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center goes over a few ideas that will help you get your sweat on while still owning up to your civic responsibilities.

Cardio at Home

Run in place, do jumping jacks, or break out the jump rope during this time of sheltering in place. You might be able to steal away for a run here and there, but make sure it’s during low traffic times — 5 am is a good time to run; so is 8 pm.

Get Some Kettlebells

Investing in some kettlebells will help you diversify your home workout routine and open up some amazing opportunities for working out your core muscle groups. There are plenty of workout videos on YouTube for you to gain inspiration from.

Pull-Ups and Dips

Invest in a pull-up bar — there are many options that can hang from a sturdy doorway. You can also do dips at home with one or two chairs. This way you can get your upper body workout.

Make sure to do plenty of bodyweight exercises as well, like lunges and body squats, in order to make sure that you’re not skipping leg day over there.

Contact Family Chiropractic & Spinal Health Care Center today to learn more about how our treatments can boost your immune system and help your body function at optimum capacity.